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Bazaar S.A. invests in HERON EN.A

HERON Group, the leading Greek energy production and supply company, and Bazaar S.A. take the next step in their multi-year partnership through the innovative HERON EN.A program.

HERON Group, the leading Greek energy production and supply company, and Bazaar S.A. take the next step in their multi-year partnership through the innovative HERON EN.A program. The Bazaar store in Kolonaki, in the heart of Athens, becomes the first of the total 170 stores of the established chain of retail stores to take part in the program, reducing the amount of its electricity bill, while limiting its environmental footprint at the same time.   

Thanks to HERON EN.A, the Bazaar store in Kolonaki invests in the production of “green” electricity and gains substantial Energy Autonomy. Without having to go through the costly processes of installing and maintaining a photovoltaic system - the fact that it has no roof to install such system is another factor to consider - the Bazaar store in Kolonaki now utilizes the photovoltaic panels of HERON and TERNA Energy to “produce” the energy it consumes and ensures discounts in each and every power bill. In actuality, this successful “investment” can be summed up in the fact that this particular Bazaar store has achieved a zero electricity bill.  

In addition, in this current period where the costs of energy are skyrocketing internationally, the value of energy “produced” by customers who have selected to subscribe to the EN.A program is rising correspondingly.  This allows customers to achieve even greater discounts in their bills, which offset a significant part of increased power costs on their bills, and also function as a safety net.

On the occasion of the expanded partnership between the two companies, HERON’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Giorgos Daniolos, made the following statements: “HERON is leading the way in the collective effort to achieve the objectives of climate change management. By implementing its innovative programs, such as HERON EN.A, HERON pursues the faster penetration of Renewable Energy Sources, as well as the containment of the energy costs to households and businesses. These objectives are proven in practice in HERON’s partnership with Bazaar S.A. in the framework of EN.A, which starts from the main Bazaar store in Kolonaki.

From his part, Mr. Giorgos Veroukas, Chief Executive Officer  of Bazaar S.A., remarked: “Bazaar S.A. Trusts HERON for quite some time now, and we are glad to invest in its EN.A program. Our 170 stores all over Greece supply thousands of citizens on a daily basis, a fact that ultimately places us in the group of large electricity consumers. This is why HERON EN.A is useful tool that we can use to reduce our Group’s energy costs and environmental footprint, while at the same time, in combination with our other social and environmental responsibility actions, it forms our effective contribution for the achievement of a sustainable future.

Both Groups, through their continuous partnership, enlarge the cycle of businesses that play a leading role in the management of climate change and the promotion of sustainable development by consuming power generated from Renewable Sources.  



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