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HERON launches its new stores in Athens, Piraeus, Patras and Volos

HERON, the leading group in energy production and supply, continues the high-powered expansion of the network of its stores all over Greece and launches 5 new stores in Athens, Piraeus, Patras and Volos.

  1. The nationwide consumer service network now spans 15 stores
  2. Special discount for subscription and gifts during the opening week of each store

HERON, the leading group in energy production and supply, continues the high-powered expansion of the network of its stores all over Greece and launches 5 new stores in Athens, Piraeus, Patras and Volos. Through these new additions to its network of stores and its entry into new regional districts, HERON confirms its strategic commitment for the provision of direct of consumer-friendly services in each and every corner of the country.

The address of the new stores and the respective opening dates are given below:

Grand Opening: Friday, 24/9
166, Dimitriados Ave., Volos, 38221
Tel.: 242 1313626
E-mail: volosshop@heron.gr

Grand Opening: Friday, 1/10
15, Iroon Polytechneiou Str., Piraeus, 18532
Tel.: 211 4181488 / 211 4181489
E-mail: peiraiasshop@heron.gr

Grand Opening: Friday, 8/10
68, Ermou Str., Patras, 26221
Tel.: 261 0222050
Email: patrashop@heron.gr

Ioannis Rentis
Grand Opening: Saturday, 16/10
228, Thivon Avenue & Parnassou St., 182 33 (inside Village Park Shopping Center)
Tel.: 216 0028020-24
Email: rentisshop@heron.gr

Grand Opening Friday, 5/11
143, Kyprou Ave. & Konstantinoupoleos, 16451
Tel.211 2155130
Email: argyroupolishop@heron.gr

Please note that during each store's Grand Opening week, those who become HERON customers in the respective store, will win a €50 gift and will automatically enter a draw, during which one lucky person from each store will win an electric skate. The draw will take place at the Grand Opening of each store.

At the 15 service points, consumers will get informed about the innovative initiatives and competitive, home and business price plans of HERON Group, also about the energy independence that they can acquire through the program "HERON EN.A. ", with which they can significantly reduce or even zero the cost of their electricity consumption for 20 years, thus "producing" the energy consumed from any renewable sources. Stores visitors will be also able to select the proper products and find the most advantageous solutions according to their needs, to compare prices and special offers, and to sign their contracts on the spot having a complete explanation of the contract's terms of use.

HERON Group keeps investing in its strategy, always focusing on the consumer's needs for electricity, gas and electromobility. Despite the fact that HERON customers can access online support services, the expansion of HERON's network throughout Greece, despite the pandemic, also conveys the optimistic message next day's face-to-face support services.



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