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Volco Car Hellas and HERON join forces for Electromobility

HERON, the leading company in the production and supply of electricity, and the car importing company Volvo Car Hellas announce their partnership in the field of electromobility.

Special Programs with Provision of Free Electricity to customers of Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Volvo Cars

HERON, the leading company in the production and supply of electricity, and the car importing company Volvo Car Hellas announce their partnership in the field of electromobility.

More specifically, HERON has developed two electricity programs that are specially designed for current and future owners or users of Battery Electric and Plug-In Hybric Volvo cars. These are the two new 12-month programs under the names “EcoDrive Home VOLVO Electric” and “EcoDrive Home VOLVO Plug-In”, addressed to HERON customers, and offering free charging of their Volvo cars for one whole year*, while using energy generated from renewable energy sources.    

At the same time, with the assistance of ENGIE, the international seller and installer of electric charging stations, HERON offers to owners of battery electric and plug-in hybrid VOLVO cars special advantageous rates for installation, operation and maintenance of charging stations recommended by VOLVO for the owners’ business facilities or home residences. In addition, the charging network of Volvo vehicles is scheduled to expand even more, through the addition of the relevant infrastructures to the Network of Official Dealers and Repair Shops of Volvo Car Hellas.

The promotion of electromobility in Greece is one of HERON Group’s priorities.  These innovative programs give HERON’s customers the opportunity to consume pure energy and come even closer to reaching energy autonomy and “green” mobility. HERON’s ultimate objective is to make a pivotal contribution towards the age of zero carbon emissions, by implementing the best sustainability practices for the benefit of people, the society and businesses alike.

Volvo, having established a leading position in the field of road safety, recognizes that sustainability is equally important for the protection of human life: “In our view, climate change is the ultimate safety test” remarked the Swedish company, whose strategy is focused on reducing its environmental footprint through a series of radical changes in its business activities at all levels.

In 2025 - just 4 years away - Volvo’s aim is for 50% of its worldwide sales to come from battery electric cars, and the remaining sales to come from hybrid vehicles.  The company aspires to become climate neutral in all levels of its operations by 2040.

Based on their common philosophy, HERON and Volvo Car Hellas enter into a partnership and combine their vision and high-level expertise for the maximum satisfaction of their customers and the protection of the environment. 

*The amounts of KWh calculated as free charging electricity per month are 150KWh for battery electric vehicles and 60KWh for plug-in hybrid vehicles, respectively.



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HERON launches its new stores in Athens, Piraeus, Patras and Volos

HERON, the leading group in energy production and supply, continues the high-powered expansion of the network of its stores all over Greece and launches 5 new stores in Athens, Piraeus, Patras and Volos.

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